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Strategic Planning Service

Keys to Success

If you're like most credit unions, every year you update a strategic plan that never gets fully executed. And when your goals are not accomplished, the strategic vision fades and you resort to reacting to your competition instead of being a leading innovator in your market.

Having facilitated nearly 100 planning sessions, we understand what it's like to develop a strategic plan and then struggle to execute it. But through these experiences we developed a Strategic Planning approach aimed to yield plans that are both impactful and executable.


We will discuss your expectations for a successful planning year, but, we also want to know what we are to expect from your team. We'll learn about your history of planning and customize our process to be consistent with what works best with your team, while retaining the pieces we know will get the job done.


Through pre-planning interviews, surveys, and projects, we will save valuable time collecting ideas PRIOR to the big event, as opposed to wasting time brainstorming and wordsmithing AT the planning retreat.


Involvement drives execution. Therefore we gain consensus from all parties on ideas so the entire team feels a sense of ownership. This ownership drives each individual's commitment to follow through on their assignments.

Lead Measures

All credit unions want to grow members and balances. But what activities "LEAD" to this outcome. We want to focus on measures that are predictive of the results you are hoping to achieve.


The more objectives you shove into your plan, the less chance you have at executing just ONE of them. We ensure the team stays focused on just the objectives that will make your entire year.

Follow Up

Every institution needs an unbiased source that can see to it that the plan gets executed. Through regular follow up meetings, we will remain with you through the entire execution of your plan.

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