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CUXcel Strategic Planning Service

Delivering Impactul and Executable Plans

When you engage with a firm to facilitate your Strategic Planning session, they will take you through a host of common practices that result in a completed Strategic Plan. This includes SWOT analyses, interpreting data, gathering ideas, turning the ideas into action items, and then putting due dates and goals on top of it all.

However…. These Practices will get you a Strategic Plan, but adjusting Principle Behaviors will get your plan executed.

Having facilitated nearly 100 planning sessions, we've witnessed top performers and have seen how their culture drives results. Through these experiences we developed a Strategic Planning approach aimed to yield plans that are both impactful and executable.

At the core of a CUXcel planning engagement there are Principle Disciplines in place that guide your culture to execute your strategy with excellence — And that is what makes us different! Learn more about our process below and discover how each phase of our engagement is built upon a guiding principle behavior.

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Understand Your Limitations


We will discuss your expectations for a successful planning year, but, we also want to understand your culture. Transformations don't take place overnight; if you try to build up too fast you could topple the tower.

We'll learn about your history of planning and customize our process to be consistent with what works best with your team. We'll also discuss your members, credit union, and market in order to avoid aiming at targets we can't hit.

Ownership of the Plan


Our pre-planning survey and interviews will produce MORE inputs, that are MORE honest, and MORE thought-out, while driving ownership for the plan. Without ownership, there is no motivation to execute. .

Another advantage to pre-planning is we will save valuable time collecting ideas PRIOR to the big event so we can spend less time wordsmithing and more time discussing member needs.

Focus on Lead Measures


The situational analysis is filled with member, market, and national business intelligence aimed to create and validate your strategic goals.

The pre-planning interviews will uncover numerous actions that will lead to achieving those goals. By adjusting the culture to one that focuses on these predictive measures, your team's actions will be better aligned with your strategy, plus, you will have the ability to course correct immediately should change occur.

Team Engagement


If one person is swept up in their daily activities, the rest will be there too. Therefore, while strategic objectives are assigned to individual owners, everyone will feel committed to the entire strategic plan.

We have developed unique strategies to gain genuine consensus on the plan objectives and their priority within the plan. With an engaged team it is much more difficult for the plan to fail. If one person falls behind, others will feel a duty to assist their teammate to see their objectives through.

Tightened Focus


The more objectives you try and fit into your plan, the less chance you have of executing just ONE of them with excellence. We perform various steps to ensure the team stays focused on just the top objectives that are most important to the credit union's goals.

One such way is by finalizing the playbook after the planning session so each team member has ample time to validate resources and identify any other barriers to execution.

Self Accountability


Results drive engagement and instill a mindset of winning. This mindset isnʼt as much about holding each other accountable as it is about holding oneʼs self accountable. We will help instill this principle through the use of unique Scorecard Metrics that help each owner see their influence on the strategy.

Credit Unions need an unbiased source that can see to it that the plan gets executed. Through regular follow up meetings, we will remain with you through the entire execution of your plan.

Client's Testimonials

  • "I love your energy, passion and drive for success!"

    "You did such an exceptional job putting the entire sessions together in addition to driving the discussion. I appreciate all your hard work (it was so apparent)!"

    Christine W. (CEO, $230MM CU)


    "Our management team and Board appreciated your presentation and insight that made our planning session one of the best ever, despite being virtual."

    Carol H. (CEO, $450MM CU)

  • "Everyone Loved the Playbook!"

    "The session went very well! The pre-planning really paved the way for good and necessary discussion which will get us to improve so we can continue to move forward. The Board was very happy, and the Chairman is very glad you’ll be working with us throughout the year."

    Tricia B. (CEO, $570MM CU)

  • "You Have Exceeded Our Expectations"

    "I felt the Planning Session turned out very well with the Zoom meeting and Kevin as coordinator. Timing was perfect and I felt all participants had ample opportunity to provide input and there were very few overlaps in the conversation."

    Jim R. (CEO, $100MM CU), Detail - Board Member of same CU

Onsite and Remote
Strategic Planning Options Available

With a Process that was already 75% Remote, Adapting the Onsite Meeting was Simple

Remote Strategic Planning for Credit Unions

Get the same great IMPACTFUL and EXECUTABLE plan while Social Distancing



1. Provide an Employee List 2. Pre-Launch Conference Call 3. We will Collect Responses & Report 4. Optional Presentation with a Full Report


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